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Paris Then and Now

Paris…Autumn, 1957…visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Versailles, cruising on the River Seine in a Bateau Mouche. We were at a wonderful cafe, sitting outside and enjoying the scenery, the people and the sights and sounds of Paris. These serene … Continue reading

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The Opportunity to Give

Giving is on my mind at this time of year.  Not things, not money, but giving.  Perhaps a random act of kindness requiring a small effort, but of great value to the recipient.  Which brings me to the reason for … Continue reading

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The Way Things Were…

Last night ABC 20/20 aired a show about the complexities and unpleasantries of air travel today. Looking at the disruptive and unpleasant scenes caused me to reflect on the time in the not-so-distant past when air travel was not only a privilege, but … Continue reading

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The Homestead Act of 1862 and Me

You might ask, 150 years after the creation of the Homestead Act, what would that have to do with me?  The link that ties me to the Homestead Act is Eggert Meyer,  an extraordinary science teacher.  Mr. Meyer — or Meyer … Continue reading

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“If you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make anything,” Marva Collins – educator

There is much emphasis on perfectionism.  We live in a world of ever exacting standards.  ISO, manufacturing tolerances, Six Sigma and other tools that focus on error reduction and continuous improvement.  Beneath the surface of this relentless drive for the perfect … Continue reading

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Only when the night is darkest can you truly see the stars

Of all the seasons, I like winter best. There is promise in winter with its’ cold weather, dark days and bare trees.  Hidden under the drab, monochromatic landscape there is activity beneath.  Dormant foliage builds strength for the spring, flower bulbs and grasses grow roots in anticipation … Continue reading

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Life is Short – Eat Dessert First!

Change can enhance life experiences, make them more memorable, and refresh how we think. When I saw this sign in the window of a local bakery, it reminded me of the wonderful and unexpected routine that my father and I created.  And its lasting impact on me.  … Continue reading

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