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Paris Then and Now

Paris…Autumn, 1957…visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Versailles, cruising on the River Seine in a Bateau Mouche. We were at a wonderful cafe, sitting outside and enjoying the scenery, the people and the sights and sounds of Paris. These serene … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday! … You’re Dead!

What happens when there is a computer glitch at intersection of government and humanity? Let me recount my experience. It’s not fiction. It’s true. But first, some background.  When my ex-husband died (unexpectedly), I went to Social Security with his … Continue reading

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A Gift for Cody

It’s been just over a year since Cody, my mini-poodle, received the gift of sight.  Unbeknownst to all around him, his eyesight slipped away until, at about 18 months, he could barely see. And therein lies this story, and the intersection of … Continue reading

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Chickens in The Sun Room – Or – Wild Animals I Have Known

We were apartment dwellers…not unlike the the cliff dwellers from earlier times.  Except that instead of ladders to scale the heights to get ‘home’, we had elevators and stairs.  It was this extra distance from our front door to the … Continue reading

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The Opportunity to Give

Giving is on my mind at this time of year.  Not things, not money, but giving.  Perhaps a random act of kindness requiring a small effort, but of great value to the recipient.  Which brings me to the reason for … Continue reading

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When a Friend is Really a Foe: A Case of Mistaken Identity

From stripes on tigers to the warning black and yellow colors of the monarch butterfly, disguises and warning colors are seen throughout nature and work so well that we have adopted them for our own use — hunting garb is … Continue reading

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A tribute to my father

With fathers’ day approaching, I want to acknowledge all those fathers who, like my dad, changed the world around them with their generosity, kindness and gift of love. In memory of dad, I’m reprising a letter I wrote called “Tribute … Continue reading

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