To tell the story of my life and interests would be far less interesting than to share the evolution of American life, and its influences on me as I was growing up. I am a ‘boomer’, the first of two children of a decorated WWII soldier and a Red Cross Volunteer.  Growing up in the post-WWII era of prosperity, my father worked, my mother was (what we would call today) a stay-at-home mom.  Looking back, I know that my parents expected the same from me. 
What they did not figure into the equation was the rapid and forceful interest in careers among women my age. They also could not have anticipated the cultural revolution brought about by effective birth control, which when added to ambition, gave women the opportunity for social, business and economic independence and power that up until this point, they could not achieve.
So out of what was a traditional family, I evolved into someone wanting a life of achievement outside the home.  And that is what brought me through a convoluted path of education, jobs and leisure activities to where I am now.

My life today is comprised of the elements of my experience, expertise and wishes.  In addition to my communications consultancy, I teach, volunteer and work in an administrative capacity at a nearby hospital.  My life offers diversity, new acquaintances, and opportunities to learn.  One of the positive aspects about my life now is that I no longer have a routine.  Every day is different both in terms of activities and structure.  So every day offers new opportunities and poses new challenges and that is most important to me.


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