A Gift for Cody

It’s been just over a year since Cody, my mini-poodle, received the gift of sight.  Unbeknownst to all around him, his eyesight slipped away until, at about 18 months, he could barely see. And therein lies this story, and the intersection of his life with Dr. Seth Eaton of Cornell University Veterinary Specialists.  Dr. Eaton performed the cataract surgery that restored Cody’s sight; but more importantly the gift of a sighted life and the ability of Cody to fulfill his potential.

Cody and Dr. Eaton at CUVS

Cody and Dr. Eaton at CUVS

So often we think of presents as material things – most of which are perishable – or gifts given to another often connected to some emotional obligation.  This gift is different. It will last for Cody’s lifetime.  And it changed not only his life’s trajectory and mine, but that of many other people. Today Cody’s a therapy dog, offering his gifts of unconditional love and charm enthusiastically to almost everyone he meets. When he’s not working his magic, he’s a playful and mischievous companion.

I know he is reserved when he sees you  – remembering all the exams and the surgery no doubt.  But he can see you. Thank you Dr. Eaton.

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