“If you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make anything,” Marva Collins – educator

There is much emphasis on perfectionism.  We live in a world of ever exacting standards.  ISO, manufacturing tolerances, Six Sigma and other tools that focus on error reduction and continuous improvement.  Beneath the surface of this relentless drive for the perfect lurks an almost forgotten concept.  The success of ‘mistakes.’ Where would we be without those ‘sticky notes’ — created using a glue that would not stick.  Or that moldy bread that was the origin of penicillin? But let’s not stop there, because the most important mistakes are those made in pursuit of other goals.  It’s not what they are, but that they are because those are the mistakes that shape us.  These are the mistakes we learn from.  In a risk-averse, fear of failing society, it can be very difficult to learn or understand consequences.  Experimentation  and creativity are not without risk.  And risk creates opportunity.

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