Only when the night is darkest can you truly see the stars

Of all the seasons, I like winter best. There is promise in winter with its’ cold weather, dark days and bare trees.  Hidden under the drab, monochromatic landscape there is activity beneath.  Dormant foliage builds strength for the spring, flower bulbs and grasses grow roots in anticipation of warmer, friendlier days.  So as the short December days give way to longer days and warmer sun, there are subtle changes.  Tiny snowdrops and crocus peek above the ground and snow.  Tree branch tips fatten with the promise of leaves and flowers to come. I watch with anticipation each small change that signals the explosion of spring colors and foliage, and the life that it supports.  Just when I yearn for warm days and the sights and sounds of spring, it arrives!  Out of darkness comes the light – an appreciation for the change of seasons. And for that, I like winter best. 

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